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Blogs created with real search data.

Take a look at our sophisticated process for creating your blog post. Simply provide your keyword and Auto Blogging will do the rest!

  • Scrapes the top ranking websites.
  • Calculates the correct amount of words to use.
  • Extracts the keywords to use with natural language processing.
  • Calculates the correct amount of headers to use.
  • Calculates the number of images to use.
  • Suggests which websites to outbound link to.

“Not only is Auto Blogging cheaper than my writers, they've made it easier to deliver my monthly blogging service to my digital agency clients. It used to be a massive headache to log into their sites and post the articles, but now I don't have to think about it."

Josh Bolstad

Owner of

Articles that rank.

In 2024, we no longer need to guess what should be written in a blog post to rank highly. With AI and our custom formulas and algorithms, we use the data from sites that already rank, to remove all of the guessing.

  • Writes the blog post with the NLP keywords, the correct amount of times, so that you can generate perfectly optimized blog posts with a single click.
  • No more tedious editing after an article is generated.
  • Writes content that is unique to other auto-generated content.
  • Headers, subtopics and paragraphs are all written based on the results of extracted data.

“I've never been able to get articles to rank with other auto-blogging platforms. These are crafted with real data scraped from the keyword search results, which means there's no guessing as to whether the articles are optimized perfectly to rank or not! is the only platform I'll ever use to generate articles again."

Dorothee Danielss

SEO Specialist at Brizzo

Audit existing content.

Have a page or blog post not ranking well? It needs a refresh! Import the existing content from your website or blog. First audit it, then let our tool rewrite the entire piece in a perfectly optimized way.

  • Audits with suggestions based on real data.
  • Easily import entire website pages.
  • Rewrite content with the audit recommendations.
  • Follow the existing flow, but use the correct NLP words.
  • Now you're in a position to rank highly.

“I recently had the pleasure of using Auto Blogging, a revolutionary tool that has significantly simplified and accelerated my blogging process. As a content creator, I understand the value of delivering fresh and engaging blog posts regularly, and this product has truly been a game-changer for me."

Annie Smith

Digital Manager at RomPoint

Automate your growth.

More than 1000 companies are subscribed to our Auto Blogging tool. From digital agencies to small businesses, Auto Blogging makes it easy for you or your clients to scale your business organically.

"The obvious decision"

Choose Auto Blogging for a rapid 10x expansion, a cost reduction of 100x per blog post, and the avoidance of countless hours spent on monotonous manual work. This decision ensures accelerated growth, significant cost savings, and a streamlined process, setting it apart from competing products.

Automatic Upload

Automatically connect your website to have the blog uploaded at the click of a button.

Top 500 in North America

Auto Blogging is ranked in the top 500 fastest growing auto-blogging tools in North America.

Payment Options

We support many payment options. This includes paypal and all major credit cards.

Search Science

Search engines love our articles. Our articles are created based on the data generated from existing top-ranked results.


We are pioneering sophisticated methods to generate content that search engines love.

Suitable for high volume

Small and big media companies and agencies rely on Auto Blogging to fuel audience expansion.

Scalable, affordable plans for you

Whether you're a Startup or an established enterprise, there is an Auto Blogging package that is ideal for your needs.